The teachers

Witterholt, Yolan - (c) Merlijn Doomernik (rechtenvrij)Owner Yolan Witterholt: after my master’s in Dutch, I now obtained the NT2 teacher certificate at Radboud University in Nijmegen five years ago. And although I have been teaching language and writing skills for 25 years to journalism students and students from all possible fields, the NT2 lessons were a whole new experience. An enormously inspiring experience, because nowhere else can I express my love for the language as enthusiastically as during these lessons. Dutch is a crazy language, with many (sometimes bizarre) rules and just as many exceptions. I find it a challenge every time to make it clear to course participants how complicated the Dutch language is and to answer critical questions satisfactorily.


I have been working with Miriam Kerver for many years, so I am happy that we are also working together at TaalGlobaal. She will take on both lessons and e-training and coaching. Coaching is possible by e-mail or during personal meetings of 1 hour each time. As the word suggests, e-training courses are sent by e-mail. Both the coaching and the e-training are intended for participants who are at level A2 or higher.

No large groups

We both have the experience that we work best with higher educated people during in-company training and that is why TaalGlobaal focuses on them. The courses are offered at each of the six language levels (see elsewhere on this site). It is pleasant for both parties, and it goes faster if English can be used as a support language in class. Thanks to our experience in higher education, we can easily handle large groups, but an NT2 student learns more and faster if the group is not too large. That is why we prefer groups of up to 10-12 people. We opt for in-company training (which can also be organized outside the company if desired) because it is nice for the participants if they already know each other. Within companies and organizations where people from different countries work, NT2 in-company training ensures more mutual contact, which benefits the company.

Learning goals

A pleasant atmosphere in the lessons is of great importance to us because it makes participants feel safe. As a result, they will be less inhibited and will use Dutch more actively. Time and again, our work shows that humor is universal; there is often laughter in the lessons. But that does not mean that we do not take training seriously. Before we start with a group, we determine the learning objectives together with the client: what should the participants be able to do and in what period? An intake of the participants, in which we determine the language level, is part of it.

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TaalGlobaal is part of TaalGewoon, for writing training meant for Dutch speakers.