About TaalGlobaal

In-company training for the higher educated

TaalGlobaal also offers in-company courses in the Dutch language to non-native speakers. This is possible at all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. We provide these courses online or in the place of work so within companies and organizations. Evening classes are also possible. We work with higher educated people so that we can set the bar and the pace quite high. We expect not only commitment during the lessons but also outside (homework) so that the participants (and the employers) notice results quickly. The starting point is that the student must already have a certain command of the English language because that is the language from which we work.


TaalGlobaal provides e-training courses in the Dutch language for non-native speakers who are approximately at the European level of A1/A2 or higher. That is the level of the advanced beginner. There are two courses, each consisting of 8 lessons. We deliberately work by e-mail because, unlike a digital environment, this offers the possibility of personal contact and personal feedback. For more information click here

Private lessons

You can also opt for private lessons in my office in Oost-Graftdijk. Those lessons can be at any level: A1 (absolute beginner), A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 (academic). We can do a (free) intake to see what level you are at.

Individual coaching

Do you (or does your employee) already have a good command of Dutch, but do you wish it would be better? Do you make the same mistakes over and over again, or is there another issue that you do not understand well? You can also opt for e-coaching. In that case, you buy a certain number of hours and you can appeal to us as long as those hours are not ‘used up’. You can send us texts that you have written, or emails (or we give you assignments), and we will see where things are not going well yet. We do not only make improvements but also see whether further explanation (and practice) is required on certain language issues. This way you will not lose time on lessons that you may not really need, but you will receive individual attention to what specifically goes wrong with your Dutch, and your Dutch will improve quickly. If you are mainly concerned with oral speaking and listening skills, coaching is also possible during one-on-one meetings.


We prefer to provide in-company training within the company or organization, but we are of course also prepared to arrange a location ourselves. We prefer in-company courses because we find that it works well when participants know each other and have something in common. In this case, that is their work and of course, the desire to learn to speak Dutch (better).


In this way, no time is lost in getting to know each other carefully and we can create a safe atmosphere as quickly as possible in which participants are not hesitant to open their mouths and speak Dutch. Naturally, much attention is also paid to reading and writing Dutch.


The price for an in-company training course is of course determined by the number of lessons, but also by the number of participants and the level of the Dutch language. For example, the higher the level of the course, the more time it takes to correct homework. We will make a no-obligation quote upon request.

TaalGlobaal teachers

We work with two teachers: Yolan Witterholt and Miriam Kerver. We are both Dutch and very experienced in teaching higher-educated adults in the place of work.