Individual coaching

Individual coaching is also available at all levels. Coaching is done by e-mail, if desired in combination with some personal meetings. We look together with the participant at the areas in which he or she needs or wishes coaching. It may be that there is only a need for coaching in written language; in that case, coaching by e-mail is sufficient. If coaching is also needed in speaking and listening skills, then one-on-one meetings are also necessary. For individual coaching, you purchase a number of hours in advance.

Written coaching

A lot of written coaching can take place in an hour. Participants mail texts they have written themselves and we comment on them. These can be real texts, longer texts, or emails. In doing so, we keep a close eye on the big picture. Where do things keep going wrong, which grammatical issues cause problems, and what can we do about them?

Intake and price

In order to determine the starting level, for the intake we ask for a text from the participant, we have a conversation with the participant, or both.

The price starts at 75 euros per hour excl. VAT. and it gets lower as more hours are purchased. In an hour we can do a lot. The intake costs 50 euros.